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Viny S. Mulani, President/ Founder
Mr. Mulani started Multilayer Technology in 1986 putting together the team and started manufacturing. As president he has the responsibility of overseeing the entire operation of Multilayer Technology including: Technology, manufacturing, Quality and facilities. It is his responsibility to create business plans and raise capital for the company on a year to year basis as well. read full bio...

Naren Tarpara: Executive Vice President / Partner
Mr. Tarpara has been with Multilayer Technology since 1988. In his position he is responsible for the strategic direction, advanced technology deployment and corporate management including finance for the company. read full bio...

Bharat Chodavadia, Vice President of Operations
Mr. Chodavadia has been with Multilayer Technology since 1987 and was very instrumental in the successful restructuring of the company in 1988 helping to make it the successful company that it is today. read full bio...

Our Mission Statement:

"Multilayer Technology is committed to providing products and services that meet or exceed our customers' requirements through a dedicated program of continuous measurable improvement that is supported by all our employees and suppliers."

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Number One Priority

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